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Exam Number : MD-101
Exam Name : Managing Modern Desktops
Vendor Name : Microsoft
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MD-101 Exam Format | MD-101 Course Contents | MD-101 Course Outline | MD-101 Exam Syllabus | MD-101 Exam Objectives

This exam measures your ability to accomplish the following technical tasks: deploy and update operating systems; manage policies and profiles; manage and protect devices; and manage apps and data. If you passed Exam 70-698 before it expired on March 31, 2019, you only need to take MD-101 to earn the Modern Desktop certification.

Deploy and update operating systems (15-20%)

Manage policies and profiles (35-40%)

Manage and protect devices (15-20%)

Manage apps and data (25-30%)

Deploy and update operating systems (35-40%)

Plan and implement Windows 10 by using dynamic deployment

• evaluate and select an appropriate deployment options

• pilot deployment

• manage and troubleshoot provisioning packages

Plan and implement Windows 10 by using Windows Autopilot

• evaluate and select an appropriate deployment options

• pilot deployment

• create, validate, and assign deployment profile

• extract device HW information to CSV file

• import device HW information to cloud service

• troubleshoot deployment

Upgrade devices to Windows 10

• identify upgrade and downgrade paths

• manage in-place upgrades

• configure a Windows analytics environment

• perform Upgrade Readiness exam

• migrate user profiles

Manage updates

• configure Windows 10 delivery optimization

• configure Windows Update for Business

• deploy Windows updates

• implement feature updates

• monitor Windows 10 updates

Manage device authentication

• manage authentication policies

• manage sign-on options

• perform Azure AD join

Manage policies and profiles (25-30%)

Plan and implement co-management

• implement co-management precedence

• migrate group policy to MDM policies

• recommend a co-management strategy

Implement conditional access and compliance policies for devices

• implement conditional access policies

• manage conditional access policies

• plan conditional access policies

• implement device compliance policies

• manage device compliance policies

• plan device compliance policies

Configure device profiles

• implement device profiles

• manage device profiles

• plan device profiles

Manage user profiles

• configure user profiles

• configure Enterprise State Roaming in Azure AD

• configure sync settings

• implement Folder Redirection, including OneDrive

Manage and protect devices (20-25%)

Manage Windows Defender

• implement and manage Windows Defender Application Guard

• implement and manage Windows Defender Credential Guard

• implement and manage Windows Defender Exploit Guard

• implement Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection

• integrate Windows Defender Application Control

• manage Windows Defender Antivirus

Manage Intune device enrollment and inventory

• configure enrollment settings

• configure Intune automatic enrollment

• enable device enrollment

• enroll non-Windows devices

• enroll Windows devices

• generate custom device inventory reports Review device inventory

Monitor devices

• monitor device health (e.g., log analytics, Windows Analytics, or other cloud-based tools,etc.)

• monitor device security

Manage apps and data (10-15%)

Deploy and update applications

• assign apps to groups

• deploy apps by using Intune

• deploy apps by using Microsoft Store for Business

• deploy O365 ProPlus

• enable sideloading of apps into images

• gather Office readiness data

• configure and implement kiosk (assigned access) or public devices

Implement Mobile Application Management (MAM)

• implement MAM policies

• manage MAM policies

• plan MAM

• configure Windows Information Protection

• implement Azure Information Protection templates

• securing data by using Intune

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Microsoft Desktops techniques


8 Best Free Themes for Windows 11 [2024]

No result found, try new keyword!You can customize the look of your Windows 11 desktop directly from here. To be able to customize your Windows 11 PC, you need to follow a few steps before you can apply the themes. These are ...

Best Desktop Computer for 2024


You can find a good PC tower from brands like Acer, Asus, Dell or HP for between $500 and $600 that will prove useful for years for general use. The specs we'd suggest for a basic Windows 11 machine:

  • Intel Core i5 (12th- or 13th-gen) or AMD Ryzen 5 (5000, 6000 or 7000 series)
  • Default integrated graphics (such as Intel UHD or Iris or baseline AMD Radeon)
  • 16GB of RAM or more 
  • 512GB or larger NVMe SSD drive
  • Four or more USB 3.1 or 3.2 ports with USB-C and USB-A formats (at least one or two on the front)
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless
  • At least one PCI-E (x16) expansion slot (for adding a video card)
  • Do you want to do some PC gaming, or do you spend time editing photos or videos? You'll want to level up the configuration with more RAM and better graphics options. Expect price points to be between $800 and $1,200 (or even higher) if you go for a more bleeding-edge video card.

  • Nvidia RTX or AMD Radeon RX graphics card (GPU)
  • 16GB of RAM or more
  • 450-watt (or more) power supply
  • Operating system

    Microsoft Windows and Apple's MacOS do basically the same things, but they do them differently. Unless there's an OS-specific application you need, go with the one you feel most comfortable using. Most desktops run Microsoft Windows while Apple’s iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Studio and Mac Pro desktops feature Apple’s MacOS. There is also the odd Chromebox offering based on Google’s ChromeOS. A Chromebox is easier to use and usually cheaper than a Windows PC or Mac but can’t run Windows or Mac software.


    The processor, aka the CPU, is the brain of a desktop. Intel and AMD are the main CPU makers for Windows desktops. Both offer a staggering selection of processors. You can head to Intel's or AMD's sites for explanations so you get the performance you want. Intel's current lineup is its 13th generation of Core chips, with 14th-gen processors expected in early 2024. AMD's current desktop processor is its Ryzen 7000 series. Generally speaking, though, the faster the processor speed and the more cores it has, the better the performance will be. 

    Apple makes its own chips for Macs, which makes things slightly more straightforward. The Mac Mini features an M2 or M2 Pro processor, and the new iMac is the first Mac desktop with the M3 chip. The Mac Studio features either an M2 Max or M2 Ultra while the Mac Pro is based on the M2 Ultra. Again, generally speaking, the more cores it has, the better the performance. 


    The graphics processor (GPU) handles all the work of driving the screen and generating what gets displayed, as well as speeding up a lot of graphics-related (and increasingly, AI-related) operations. For Macs, Apple's M2 and M3 processors integrate the GPU. For Windows desktops, there are two types of GPUs: integrated (iGPU) or discrete (dGPU). As the names imply, an iGPU is part of the CPU package, while a dGPU is a separate chip with dedicated memory (VRAM) that it communicates with directly, making it faster than sharing memory with the CPU.

    Because the iGPU splits space, memory and power with the CPU, it's constrained by the limits of those. It allows for smaller desktops such as an all-in-one or SFF PC but doesn't perform nearly as well as a dGPU. In fact, there are some games and creative software that won't run unless they detect a dGPU or sufficient VRAM. Most productivity software, video streaming, web browsing and other nonspecialized apps will run fine on an iGPU.

    For power-hungry graphics needs, like video editing, gaming and streaming, design and so on, you'll need a dGPU. Only two real companies make them: Nvidia and AMD, although Intel offers some based on the Xe-branded (or the older UHD Graphics branding) iGPU technology in its CPUs.


    For memory, we highly recommend a minimum of 16GB of RAM. RAM is where the operating system stores all the data for currently running applications, and it can fill up fast. After that, it starts swapping between RAM and SSD, which is slower. Some lower-end models supply only 8GB, which in conjunction with a slower disk can make for a frustratingly slow Windows experience.

    Tower PCs will usually have free internal slots for adding more sticks of RAM, but all-in-ones and SFF PCs may not. Even if they do, those DIMM slots could be difficult to access.


    You may still find a cheaper hard drive in a budget desktop and larger hard drives in gaming PCs, but faster solid-state drives (SSDs) have all but replaced hard drives. They can make a big difference in performance. Not all SSDs are equally speedy, and cheaper desktops typically have slower drives. If your PC has only 8GB of RAM, it may end up switching to that drive and the system may slow down quickly while you're working. 

    Get what you can afford, but we recommend a minimum of 512GB for a desktop for most users. For storing large media or game libraries, we suggest 1TB or more. If you need to go with a smaller drive, you can usually add a second internal drive to a tower PC. For all-in-ones and SFF PCs, an external drive or cloud storage is usually the easier choice to bolster a small internal drive.


    An all-in-one integrates the display with the computer’s components placed not in a tower or small-form-factor enclosure but behind the display or in its base. The trade-off for this space-saving, streamlined design is fewer options for upgrades. For the display, you'll want a large screen with good resolution. The sweet spots we'd suggest are:

  • 24 inches at 1,920x1,080 pixels (aka 2K or 1080p)
  • 27 inches at 2,560x1,440 pixels (aka 1440p)
  • 32 inches at 3,840x2,160 pixels (aka 4K)

  • Popular Password Vault Was Breachable By Bypassing Windows Hello Security Measures

    Password managers are not perfect. Recently, LastPass was blamed for millions in stolen neing crypto and KeePass is downplaying password database theft. Bitwarden may ne next to catch some flak. It turns out a penetration test discovered that unlocking a password vault with Windows Hello biometrics could be bypassed, allowing a threat actor to nab passwords.

    Researchers from RedTeam Pentesting just put up a blog post regarding a vulnerability discovered in Bitwarden that would allow an attacker to steal your passwords with no user interaction required. While the problem was reported and fixed back in Bitwarden v2023.4.0 in April, it is still interesting to see the process behind this attack. With that, the story of breaking into Bitwarden begins with RedTeam Pentesting engaged in a penetration test of a client who had a Windows environment.

    Though the team had already gotten administrative access to the domain controller, they wanted to see if they could access the backup server located off-domain. The hope was that they could find information or credentials that could lead to access to the backup server. While exploring, they found what appeared to be passwords stored using Bitwarden Desktop v2023.3.0 on workstations accessed through domain administrator accounts. With this access, the red team could have planted a key logger to nab the Bitwarden passwords and call it a day, but they did “not want to potentially disrupt the client’s business by using invasive techniques.”

    With that in mind, they moved on to trying to crack the vault in more traditional ways, like a credential stuffing attack where previously compromised usernames and passwords were tried. These attempts proved unsuccessful, though. The team subsequently downloaded the main storage file of Bitwarden at %AppData%\Bitwarden\data.json, hoping they might find something interesting. What they discovered indicated that the Bitwarden vault could be opened using biometrics powered by Windows Hello, so the question became whether that was a viable attack vector.

    To understand where the team is going, a little background about Bitwarden and how your passwords are protected in is order. The blog post explains that password vaults are not really protected with your master password, but rather with an intermediary account encryption key. This key is stored in the vault and is a derivation of the main password used in vault creation, which is also derived each time the password is entered to decrypt credentials. With biometric unlocks enabled, rather than storing the main password, the system can store an encrypted version of the derived key to use later. As such, acquiring the derived key is as good as having the vault password itself.

    Following some digging and research, the team found a means by which the Windows Credentials API, which then used the Data Protection API (DPAPI), could be leveraged to grab the derived key. This worked by using the domain user password for the account. This meant that as long as a user password or a remote backup key stored on the domain controller was known, sensitive data could be decrypted, thereby bypassing Windows Hello and biometrics entirely.

    An excellent explanation and proof of concept is available here. Also note, this is not the first time this issue has been found. There was a prior report on bug bounty platform HackerOne, which Bitwarden was tracking following RedTeam Pentesting’s disclosure. This vulnerability was then tracked as CVE-2023-27706.

    Thankfully, as previously noted, this vulnerability was fixed, but it shows that no password manager is quite perfect. As such, it remains a good idea to implement two-factor authentication, among other good cybersecurity measures, to remain as safe as possible. You never know when some clever pentester will nab your credentials in a fascinatingly roundabout way.


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