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International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBCLE)
International Board Certified Lactation Consultant® (IBCLC®)

Detailed Content Outline

A. Infant

1. Feeding behaviours at different ages

2. Food intolerances/allergies

3. Infant anatomy and anatomical/oral challenges

4. Introducing complementary foods

5. Low birth weight

6. Milk banking – formal and informal

7. Normal infant behaviours

8. Nutritional requirements - preterm

9. Preterm development and growth

10. Skin tone, muscle tone, reflexes

11. Term development and growth

12. WHO growth charts with gestational age adjustment

B. Maternal

1. Breast development and growth

2. Breast surgery

3. Composition of human milk

4. Maternal anatomical challenges

5. Maternal nutritional status

6. Nipple structure and variations

II. Physiology and Endocrinology 24

1. Diabetes

2. Infertility Issues

3. Maternal metabolic and hormonal disorders (e.g., thyroid, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

4. Maternal autoimmune disorders

5. Multiples

6. Newborn hypoglycemia

7. Pregnancy and breastfeeding – tandem

8. Relactation

9. Stooling and voiding

III. Pathology 31

A. Infant

1. Allergies

2. Ankyloglossia

3. Cleft lip and palate

4. Congenital anomalies (e.g., gastrointestinal, cardiac)

5. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), reflux

6. Hyperbilirubinemia

7. Infant acute disease (bacterial, viral, fungal, systemic)

8. Infant neurological disabilities

9. Small for Gestational Age (SGA), Large for Gestational Age (LGA)

B. Maternal

1. Abscess

2. Milk ejection reflex dysfunction

3. Maternal acute disease (bacterial, viral, fungal, systemic)

4. Maternal chronic disease

5. Maternal disability (physical and neurological)

6. Mastitis

7. Milk supply, low or over

8. Nipple and breast conditions

9. Nipple pain and trauma

10. Post-partum hemorrhage

11. Pre-eclampsia / pregnancy induced hypertension

IV. Pharmacology and Toxicology 13

1. Alcohol and tobacco

2. Contraception

3. Drugs of abuse

4. Galactogogues

5. Gel dressings/nipple creams

6. Medication (prescription, over-the-counter, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures)

7. Medicinal Herbs

V. Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology

1. Transition to parenthood

2. Birth practices

3. Foods to eat/avoid that affect lactation

4. Employment – returning to work

5. Family lifestyle

6. Identifying support networks

7. Maternal mental health

8. Maternal psychological/cognitive issues

9. Mother-baby relationship

10. Safe sleep

11. Weaning

12. Cultural competency

VI. Techniques 25

1. Effective milk transfer (including medically-indicated supplementation)

2. First hour

3. Latching

4. Managing supply

5. Milk expression

6. Positioning

7. Refusal of breast, bottle

8. Skin-to-skin (Kangaroo care)

9. Test-weighing

VII. Clinical Skills 35

A. Equipment and Technology

1. Feeding devices (e.g., tubes at breast, cups, syringes, teats)

2. Handling and storage of human milk

3. Nipple devices (e.g., shields, everters)

4. Pacifiers

5. Pumps

6. Scales

7. Communication technology

8. Websites

B. Education and Communication

1. Active listening

2. Anticipatory guidance

3. Care plan development and sharing

4. Documentation

5. Educating mothers and families

6. Educating professionals, peers, and student

7. Extending the duration of breastfeeding

8. Emotional support

9. Empowerment

10. Group support

C. Ethical and Legal Issues

1. Breastfeeding in public

2. Clinical competencies

3. Code of Professional Conduct (CPC)

4. Principles of confidentiality

5. WHO code –advocacy and policy

D. Research

1. Apply research in practice

2. Appraise and interpret research results

3. Use research to help develop policies and protocols

E. Public Health and Advocacy

1. Advocate for Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI)

2. Advocate for compliance with World Health Organization International Code of Marketing of Breast milk Substitutes (WHO Code)

3. Advocate for mother / baby in healthcare system

4. Develop breastfeeding-related policies

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Consultant Board answers


Pennridge School Board hires Hillsdale-affiliated consultant to develop social studies curriculum

Apr. 30—EAST ROCKHILL — The Pennridge School Board hired a consulting firm with ties to Hillsdale College to review and develop the school district's K-12 social studies curriculum, causing uproar from parents and community members who accused the board of attempting to indoctrinate students.

The firm, Vermilion Education LLC, was founded four months ago by Jordan Adams, a Michigan resident and a graduate and former employee of Hillsdale College, a private conservative Christian college that has drawn criticism from the left for "whitewashing" American history.

The college has made headlines for its 1776 curriculum, a 2,400-page collection of lesson plans that teaches American exceptionalism.

The contract will pay Adams $125 an hour on top of travel and accommodation expenses. It was notably added to the board's agenda just 24 hours before the meeting, blindsiding some board members at the April 26 meeting.

Despite the short notice, a large crowd turned out to the meeting to denounce the proposed contract, citing Vermilion's inexperience and right-wing ideology and castigating the board for a lack of transparency and fiscal responsibility.

Kevin Foster of Hilltown accused the board of attempting to deceive the public by sneaking the contract onto the agenda at the last minute. He noted that the all-Republican school board in Saratoga, Fla., recently rejected a contract with Vermilion due to the firm's inexperience. He condemned the contract as fiscally irresponsible, pointing to the absence of any expense limit.

"You are burning our taxpayer money on a company founded four months ago with no public school experience and zero references," said Foster. "Our children are going to suffer due to your embarrassing decision-making, all in pursuit of a ridiculous culture war that you brought to Pennridge."

Chris Kaufman of Perkasie denounced Vermilion as an outside group that lacks the experience, professionalism and dedication of the district's teachers.

"Where is Jordan Adams on a daily basis? Does he care for or live in the district? We know the answer is no," said Kaufman. "He founded his company in his home state of Michigan four months ago and has time and again been found to push overtly 'Christian nationalist' themes and whitewash American history."

A Perkasie woman blasted the school board for attempting to indoctrinate students with an "activist curriculum."

"This is curriculum that was written by a tiny Christian college with the intent of indoctrination," she said. "That is what the board is attempting to do to our children, and they are hiring an outside company to not even do it well."

Emily Smith of East Rockhill said the contract will further worsen the district's academic ranking, which, she mentioned, has plummeted in recent years.

"The failure is a direct result of the board's incompetence and some members' relentless crusade against anything that might possibly or remotely be considered woke, instead of focusing on the quality of our children's education," said Smith. "They've been obsessed with culture wars and garnering right-wing media attention."

Robin Reid of Perkasie expressed disbelief that the board would hire a consulting firm with ties to Hillsdale College, claiming that some of the college's courses include information on "how American slavery hurt white people too." She warned that the contract risks driving out teachers.

"These teachers are educated professionals who deserve more respect than they're being given. Your teachers can look at jobs at different school districts where they'll be paid more and won't have to deal with the constant nonsense they face at Pennridge," said Reid. "There is no point in spending so much money on curriculum if you've got no one left to teach it."

Angela Schoettle, a high school social studies teacher, said that the contract proves that the school board's claims that the social studies credit reduction would not warrant any significant curriculum changes or additional expenses were lies. She pointed out that teachers are currently spending hours rewriting the curriculum to meet the board's "impractical expectations," which the contract could render meaningless.

"Clearly this school board has absolutely no trust and respect for us as professionals," said Schoettle. "As a department, we feel that this proposal is another rushed decision that did not include all stakeholders. When making specific content-based curriculum decisions, it is only appropriate to include the people who will be teaching it."

Tom Murtha of Hilltown accused the board of hypocrisy for championing fiscal responsibility and parental transparency while attempting to pass an expensive open-ended contract with little notice. He described the board's conduct as "an insult."

"We come to these meetings and we all talk to you and half of you are looking at your phones half the time. It's like, 'Let's just get through the public comment and then we can get on with the business,'" said Murtha. "It's really a bummer that you guys go about business like this; it's an insult to the community, the kids, and most of all, the teachers."

April Foltz of West Rockhill inquired about a need for a curriculum consultant. She further argued that the contract is inconsistent with the board's stated opposition to political activism in the classroom.

"In the last six to 12 months, the board has passed several policies under the premise of protecting our students from the politically-motivated activism and ensuring a neutral classroom environment," said Foltz. "Nothing I read about Jordan Adams, Vermilion, or Hillsdale gives me any confidence in their neutrality."

A Bedminster woman characterized the contract as the board's "worst idea" yet. She condemned the board for offering to pay Vermilion $125 an hour plus travel expenses when teachers have to fundraise for staplers. She asked the board to explain their support for the contract.

"Maybe you genuinely think that the staff of Pennridge isn't capable enough to rewrite the social studies curriculum," she said. "But please explain how a company less than six months old, helmed by a man with zero training or work experience with an education curriculum is any better than the amazing teachers of Pennridge."

Adam Bencsik of East Rockhill criticized the board for repeatedly ignoring the will of the public. He acknowledged the sense of hopelessness in the community but urged the crowd to keep showing up to board meetings.

"We must let the board know we are watching and that they can't weaken educational standards without pushback," said Bencsik. "This is not the way a functioning school board should run, and we as a public aren't gonna take it lying down."

Following public comment, the board began its discussion of the contract, with some members echoing the community's concerns about transparency and fiscal responsibility. Other members defended the contract and the 1776 curriculum and accused opponents of selective outrage.

Board member Ron Wurz pointed out that contracts are usually proposed by the administration before being reviewed by the solicitor, while the Vermilion contract came from the board with just 24 hours' notice. He described Jordan Adams as an "outsider with a political motivation" and said the contract is an insult to the district's teachers and the community.

"This is a disgrace if we go through with this. It shows a lack of leadership, business acumen and the communication is just poor. Emails are not returned, nor is there any type of vision on how to improve this school," said Wurz. "In all my years serving on the board, this is by far the most dysfunctional board I've ever seen."

Board member Jordan Blomgren questioned why there was no similar opposition to the hiring of previous consultants at higher rates. She said that one consultant came from California State University, which she described as a "more liberal or activist school." She stressed that the contract is only meant to aid curriculum development and defended the 1776 curriculum from critics.

"The 1776 curriculum is over 3,000 pages, and I've heard so many people come up and speak about it and how biased and how racist it is," said Blomgren. "I've read lesson plans from it, and I would encourage you to do the same thing."

Board member Megan Banis-Clemens echoed Blomgren's remarks, angrily accusing the community of "selective outrage."

"The curriculum that was approved a couple of years ago was done with the assistance of two consultants who were charging $600/hr," said Banis-Clemens. "I didn't hear the outrage."

Board member Joan Cullen similarly defended the 1776 curriculum but expressed opposition to the contract due to its last-minute addition to the agenda. She additionally raised concerns about Adams' inexperience and the contract's open-ended nature.

"When you're asking for an unlimited amount of money for an unlimited amount of time, and that money is also gonna include expenses that we have no idea what they are, and this person has only been in business for four months, I think it would be a dereliction of duty to approve this contract," said Cullen.

Banis-Clemens countered that contracts are frequently added to the agenda with little notice and called claims of fiscal irresponsibility "dishonest," reiterating that previous consultants have charged more. Cullen noted that those consultants' contracts contained specified hour limits, in contrast to the Vermilion contract.

"So to try to flip this around and frame it as people being selectively outraged is just incredible," said Cullen. "This is a terrible contract that you have arranged, and it was arranged by one person without the knowledge of the rest of us."

Board member Jonathan Russell questioned the need for such a consultant. He said the contract exemplifies the board's dysfunction.

"We're asked to come here and vote on it, and it looks like we're a mess because it is a mess and it's a messy process," said Russell. "If we're spending money on a consultant, it should be a consultant to help the board function more effectively."

Board member Ricki Chaikin disputed concerns surrounding transparency, saying that the contract's supporters ran on a platform of strengthening civics instruction. She championed the 1776 curriculum, characterizing it as "neutral."

"We want every kid in Pennridge to know the Constitution, pass the civics test. And this person can come and help our staff," said Chaikin. "Our angle is that every single kid who leaves Pennridge loves this country and understands their Constitution, and right now that's not happening."

In the end, the contract was narrowly approved by a vote of 5-4, with Cullen, Russell, Wurz and board member Christine Batycki voting in the minority. The vote elicited shouts of "shame" from the audience and frustrated comments from some board members to board President David Reiss.

"Apparently we have a board of five people now. It seems that we are not included," said Wurz. "Mr. Reiss, you have made no effort to bring this board together and you are doing a horrible job letting Megan run the show."

The next Pennridge school board meeting is on May 10 at 7 p.m. For more information, visit

(c)2023 Perkasie News Herald, Pa. Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.

Monday's letters: School Board's attempt to force consultant on district despicable

Protesters before the April 18 School Board meeting let the board members know they oppose hiring Vermilion Education as a school district consultant.

Board lost credibility in Vermilion push

Many people with extensive credentials in education spoke at the School Board meeting April 18. All but one were against the Vermilion Education contract.

Nearly all explicitly said Vermilion isn’t qualified as a consultant. They used clear, unambiguous language.Apologists for the Vermillion boondoggle – one expert and a handful of other people – presented us with word salad.

More: School Board votes down contract with firm tied to conservative Christian college

More: How to send a letter to the editor

This board lost all credibility when it put forward this transparent attempt to transform our public schools into temples of the so-called Christian, Hillsdale cult. This is particularly despicable since HB1, the expanded voucher bill, will enable parents who want their children indoctrinated to do so at public – and the public schools’ – expense.

Board Member Tim Enos claimed that the fear of retribution, expressed by teachers who had others read letters on their behalf, is unwarranted. I rather doubt that.

Board Member Robyn Marinelli cast the deciding “no” in the 3-2 vote but then suggested that the contract be reevaluated in a workshop. Clearly some board members are hoping the public will lose interest, so the contract can be quietly adopted. Stay vigilant.

John Kesich, Venice

Out of immigrant crisis, create opportunity

The USA has a labor shortage, especially entry level, so why can’t we figure out a way to swiftly, safely integrate those entering our country illegally?

I believe most people coming into our country illegally are good people who want better lives for themselves and their families. And we can help them, while we help our country too.

Imagine undocumented immigrants assessed for aptitude in farming, construction, landscaping, food prep, housekeeping, etc.

Instead of releasing them haphazardly into our country with questionable paperwork (leaving most unable to legally get a job), sign them up as potential future citizens.

Story continues

To stay in the country, we create a “buddy system” where they’re “sponsored” by a person, nonprofit, church or corporation. They would learn basic English and a trade, send their children to school, hold down a job, pay taxes, stay out of trouble and, eventually, become citizens.

It’s an opportunity wrapped in a crisis. We can figure this out. After all, Americans are known for ingenuity and compassion. Let’s live up to our potential as a country!

Melinda Foster, Longboat Key

Lies cost Fox more than money

Hardly a word was said by either Fox News or the Herald-Tribune immediately following the court settlement reached by Dominion Voting Systems and Fox News.

On April 18, Dominion settled its defamation lawsuit against Fox for $787.5 million! That’s not chump change – and for a defamation case it is one of the largest court settlements in American history.

This is how big it is: Dominion, a public company, is valued at about $225 million. It has annual sales of around $25 million and it employs only about 200 employees.

Fox News lied with impunity about voter fraud.

So the next time you hear someone say they “heard it on Fox News,” you should respond, “You’re kidding, right?”

Peter Hooper, Venice

Like Germany, US must face up to past

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising was 80 years ago, on April 19, 1943, and is now commemorated in Poland.

There is a book by Leon Uris titled “MILA 18,” that describes the event in all of its horrors. Growing up in post-war Germany, I read it at the age of 10 or so.

As I remember, it was disturbing and eye-opening. It left me with a sense of “collective guilt.” But I am glad I was able to read it. I am glad there was no effort to sweep history under the rug as we see here at present.

There was no attempt at banning books at that time. In fact, Germany, under then-Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, had admitted and apologized for the Holocaust and started a reparations program.

Free societies do not hide history just because it may make some “uncomfortable.” Only the truth will set us free. We should always have the courage to acknowledge and teach misdeeds of the past – given the proper context.

And there is nothing wrong with some “collective guilt.” It may even be necessary to reshape a country into a better and more morally responsible democracy. If Germany could do it, so can we.

Baerbel Kavanaugh, University Park

This article originally appeared on Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Sarasota School Board lost credibility with consultant proposal

Amherst seeking consultant to assist police oversight board creation

AMHERST — The town is seeking a consultant to assist the municipal government in creating a civilian police review board, Town Manager Paul Bockelman confirmed at Monday’s council meeting.

He said a request for proposals is going out this week.

The manager, in a written report to Amherst Town Council, also said Pamela Nolan-Young, the town’s director of the Department of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, “has developed a draft timeline that would have a Resident Oversight Board begin in FY24. We have set aside funding and have determined that conducting a Request for Proposals process is in the best interest of this procurement. The consultant will support the creation of this new body.”

Bockelman told councilors collective bargaining issues needing to be ironed out with the police union and would be part of the process establishing the review board.

He said Police Chief Scott P. Livingstone’s last day on the job is May 27. The chief is retiring after 46 years with the force.

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