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Exam Number : GE0-803
Exam Name : GCP8-System Consultant Voice Platform
Vendor Name : Genesys
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GE0-803 Exam Format | GE0-803 Course Contents | GE0-803 Course Outline | GE0-803 Exam Syllabus | GE0-803 Exam Objectives

Test Detail:
The Genesys GE0-803 exam, also known as GCP8-System Consultant Voice Platform, is designed to validate the knowledge and skills of individuals in the field of Genesys voice platform implementation and configuration. Here is a detailed overview of the GE0-803 certification, including the number of questions and time, course outline, exam objectives, and exam syllabus.

Number of Questions and Time:
The GE0-803 certification exam typically consists of approximately 80 to 100 multiple-choice and scenario-based questions. The exact number of questions may vary, but the exam is designed to thoroughly evaluate the candidate's understanding of Genesys voice platform concepts. The duration of the exam is approximately 120 minutes (2 hours).

Course Outline:
The GE0-803 certification course covers a wide range of topics related to Genesys voice platform implementation and configuration. The specific course outline may include the following components:

1. Genesys Voice Platform Overview:
- Introduction to Genesys voice platform architecture
- Understanding voice application development and deployment
- Overview of Genesys voice platform components and features

2. Voice Platform Configuration:
- Configuring voice platform applications and modules
- Understanding call routing and routing strategies
- Voice platform integration with other Genesys components

3. Voice Platform Troubleshooting and Maintenance:
- Monitoring and troubleshooting voice platform applications
- Handling common voice platform issues and errors
- Performing system maintenance and upgrades

4. Voice Platform Security and Compliance:
- Implementing security measures for voice platform components
- Ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations
- Best practices for securing voice platform applications

Exam Objectives:
The objectives of the GE0-803 certification exam are to assess the candidate's knowledge and practical skills in Genesys voice platform implementation and configuration. The specific objectives include:

- Understanding the Genesys voice platform architecture, components, and features.
- Demonstrating proficiency in configuring and deploying voice applications on the Genesys voice platform.
- Troubleshooting and resolving issues related to voice platform applications.
- Implementing security measures and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Exam Syllabus:
The GE0-803 exam syllabus outlines the specific topics and subtopics that will be covered in the exam. The syllabus may include:

- Genesys voice platform architecture and components
- Voice application development and deployment
- Call routing and routing strategies
- Voice platform integration with other Genesys components
- Troubleshooting and maintenance of voice platform applications
- Security and compliance considerations for the voice platform

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